Buying Guide for Jeans

A humble pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple that most of us simply love to wear. Available in an array of fits, washes and styles, denims can take you from an office meeting to an evening out, and everywhere in-between! But, we all know that finding that perfect pair of jeans is no cake walk. It’s difficult to find a pair of stylish denims that offers a blend of great fit and comfort. However, with a little knowledge about which styles of denim best compliment your body type, you can finally find your own perfect pair — or two! So, where to start? Take a look at our buying guide below to decipher which style suits you best.

The following is a list for different types of jeans that are ideal for various body shapes:

If you are:

 Short: Opt for dark denims that will make your legs appear longer. Get your jeans hemmed rather than rolling or cuffing, which will make you look shorter.

 Full Figured:  Boot cuts and stretch denims would work for your body type. They will slim, curve and accentuate your assets.

 Slim: Low waist jeans will give you more shape and also show off your lean silhouette.

 Athletic: Opt for skinny jeans. It will make your hips appear wider, while flared legs will make you look curvier.


Here are some popular types of jeans that you might like to know about:

 Sandblasted: Sometimes you want a pair of jeans that gives a worn out look, that’s where sandblasting comes in. Keep in mind, sandblasted areas tend to drawn attention to that particular part of the leg.

 Acid wash: A rage in the late 80s, acid-wash jeans are created using a chemical process which strips most of the colour off, leaving marbled navy-blue streaks on a white background.

 Whisker Fades: The whiskered look on jeans refers to the lighter bleached crease lines around the front pockets and hips of some washes of jeans. They are horizontal lines, so if you are worried that your legs might look heavier, then choose jeans with subtle whiskers or none at all.


 Stonewashed Stone washing is a process that is used to give denim a worn out look. It also increases the denim’s softness and flexibility.

When talking about stylish jeans, there is no way we can miss out on the hottest rage of this season – Coloured Denims! It’s a great way to look trendy; and the bright, cheerful colours are perfect for spring and summer! However, pairing your coloured denims with the right top is very important and can be tricky as well. Keep the following tips in mind to flaunt your colourful jeans with absolute ease.


 Try it with a print: Light coloured jeans look great when paired with a bold print. For a super trendy and playful look, team it up with floral prints, polka dots and nautical stripes. 

Example: Wear light green denims with a leopard print blouse. The chocolate tone of the top will highlight the subtleness of your coloured jeans, and they together offer an amazing look. But, remember to keep you accessories as simple as possible.


 Add a jacket: A great looking jacket has the potential to instantly accentuate any outfit. For a fun night out, try pairing coloured jeans, a pretty top and a sleek jacket.

Example: Team light blue coloured jeans with a black jacket. A floral shirt will look cute peeking out from under the jacket. Depending on the occasion, compliment the look with heels or ballet flats. This stylish casual outfit is perfect for dinner with friends, clubbing, or a coffee date.


 •  Go neutral: If you are trying out coloured denims for the first time and not feeling too confident about it, then go neutral!  Simply pair any colored pair of pants with a black, white, cream, brown, or tan top—it’s a look you just can’t go wrong with. Also, bright jeans would look awesome with a white button-down dress shirt or a sheer black silk shirt.

Example: Team rust coloured denims with a simple white shirt for an absolutely chic look. Don’t be afraid to add a few bold accessories, like a snakeskin belt or a handbag and funky jewelry. Finish with a pair of fun wedges and you’re good to go!

Great fitting jeans can do wonders to your personality. But, if it doesn’t fit well, you’ll look bad, even if you’re sporting the latest trend. So, keep the following points in mind to avoid any fashion goof ups:

·  Avoid shortening or altering your jeans before they have been washed, at least once.

·  Avoid heavy back-pocket embellishments if you have a heavy bottom.

·  Embroidered jeans are best avoided!

·  Just say no to extremely tight jeans. They are known to create bulges known as the “muffin top.”

·  Stay away from embellishments gone wild.

Caring for your denims: A little care goes a long way in keeping your favorites pair of denims as good as brand new. Keep them in the best condition possible by following these care tips.

• Wash your jeans inside out to avoid fading.

• To retain shape and colour, while drying hang them upside down and away from sunlight.

• Wash your jeans only when absolutely necessary to keep it as new as possible.

Paired with sexy heels, a stylish shirt or even sneakers, a pair of well-fitting jeans can make a trendy fashion statement. Remember our above tips while buying an awesome pair of jeans and step out looking super stylish!

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